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Leigna Institute differs from traditional universities and other research institutions in its approaches to research:

Depth Leigna focuses on discovering the deepest fundamental laws of the universe, life, and humanity. We are not interested in applying existing fundamental laws or equations like traditional institutions do, for example to analyze neutron stars or black holes, unless that is necessary for establishing new fundamental laws. Neither are we interested in confirming (or disproving) any existing theories unless that is necessary for establishing new fundamental laws.

Breadth The universe is a continuous reality. Therefore, all fields of knowledge are interconnected. Our researchers are required to be proficient in many fields of study in philosophy, science, mathematics, social science, and to have meaningful real world experiences.

Methodology Modern science in traditional institutions relies almost entirely on mathematics and measurements (i.e. quantitative observations). While that is a highly reliable method and therefore has achieved great success, it limits imagination and creativity. At Leigna, we rely on not only mathematics and measurements but also a great number of philosophical principles, qualitative observations, and intuitions, which provide deep understanding, vivid imagination, and abundant creativity. Mathematics and measurements primarily serve to verify or disprove theories.

Independence There is no trail to where no one has gone. Therefore, the traditional method of learning, which relies heavily on being taught, is inadequate for Leigna. Researchers at Leigna must have demonstrated 1) the ability to become proficient in any field of study entirely on their own, 2) creativity, which by definition requires independent thinking, and 3) the courage to challenge established theories in both academic environments and real world experiences.

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